Paper Dolls
Victorian and Civil War Era Fashions

1 Union soldier and 1 Confederate soldier

Civil War Soldiers

Two handsome Civil War era soldiers with authentic uniforms and equipment

  • Black and white loose-leaf set on 6 cardstock pages
  • 1 Union soldier, 1 Confederate soldier, each with 5 uniforms
  • Uniforms include Zouave, cavalry, infantry, light artillery, light guards, greatcoat and more

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    Blonde little boy with Frisian folk costume

    Heritage Children's Costumes: Eric

    Eric is the second of a series of Heritage Children. His two page loose leaf set features folk costumes from Frisia, Brittany, Holland, and Bavaria.

    • Color loose-leaf set on 2 cardstock pages.
    • One doll, 4 costumes, 8 items.
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