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Medieval and Spakespearean Costumes

Medieval lady in brocaded gown and tall hennin

Elsabeth of the 1400-1500s

Elsabeth is a lady for tales of delicate damsels, noble knights, and fierce dragons. Wonderful story time project for young readers of historical and fantasy tales set in the medieval period.

  • Black and white loose-leaf set on 6 cardstock pages.
  • Doll plus seven medieval costumes.
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Four different ladies in Shakespearean costumes

Shakespeare's Ladies

Four plays (King Lear, Twelfth Night, The Tempest, and The Winter's Tale), four romantic heroines - imagine all that on the Elizabethan stage! Wonderful project for students of these or any other Shakespearean play - or a beautiful addition to your paper doll collection.

  • Black and white loose-leaf set on 6 cardstock pages.
  • Four dolls, 8 costumes, 16 items.
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