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Paper Dolls
Paper Dolls of Dolls

Paper doll inspired by a period wooden doll with authentic wardrobe

Jane, a Regency Era Wooden Doll

Jane is inspired by an actual wooden doll made sometime between 1810 and 1815. The original doll had a painted face and hair and jointed limbs. The paper doll version includes the gown shown plus authentic period doll clothes.

  • Black and white loose-leaf set on 3 cardstock pages.
  • One doll, 5 costumes, 10 items.
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Blonde B&eacutebé doll with late victorian costumes

Winter Bébé

Who can have too many antique dolls? Add the beauty and charm of a Bébé with her glorious, authentic Victorian wardrobe to your collection without breaking the bank.

  • Color loose-leaf set on two cardstock pages.
  • Beautiful golden haired paper doll inspired by an actual Bébé doll.
  • Three elaborate authentic winter fashion costumes.
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