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Book cover with two ladies in Regency fashions

Regency Cousins

Eliza and Celia are cousins on a mission to find fashion and romance. The book weaves together descriptions of elegant period fashions, tips from an actual beauty guide published in 1811 and a romantic storyline.

  • Full color book 23 pages.
  • Two dolls, 14 costumes, 28 items.
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1950s bathing beauty with full-skirted sundress

Kitty Dale, 1959

Poised between the sweetly feminine fifties and the mod sixties, 1959 brought fashion to the brink of revolution with crinolined skirts, boleros, mink jacket, wiggle evening gown, peddle pushers, and more.

  • Full color book, 11 pages.
  • One doll, 12 costumes, 18 items.
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Brunette and blonde dolls in mod dresses

The Way We Wore

In 1969, model Twiggy was a media darling, and Mandy and Wendy follow fashion's swing from bohemian to space cadet with mini and maxi skirts, pantsuits, culottes and the accessories.

  • Full color book, 16 pages.
  • Two dolls, 17 outfits, 30 items.
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Young women dressed in bridal attire from around the world

Heritage Brides

These days many brides around the world choose to honor family and heritage by selecting ethnic- inspired bridal wear. Book features bridal attire from Macedonia to the Cherokee Nation, from Nigeria t o Poland, from Lithuania to Thailand and more.

  • Full color book, 23 pages.
  • Five dolls, 23 costumes, 29 items
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Blonde little girl fairy in daisy dress

Flower Faires

Flower fairies make their clothes from flowers - of course! Blonde and brunette fairies have surprise dresses fashioned entirely from garden flowers.

  • Full color book, 4 color pages.
  • Two dolls, 8 costumes, 15 items.
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